On my toes

Somehow, ownership of my first pair of pointe shoes has propelled me to take ballet to a new level of addiction.

So, I went on a fervent search for extra classes. And I think I’ve found one that fits nicely into my schedule.

As all my trial classes at new studios, the ladies (yes, this class happened to be 100% female-pheromones driven) scrutinised me over, head to toes. The feeling of eyes (some discreet and some not quite so) scanning me – while bunning hair, while warming up and stretching. Ladies in adult ballet can be cold. Judgemental. Haughty.

“Let’s see how flexible this new girl is.”

“Ah…. turn out not that great after all.”

“Holy s*it! She can do the front splits!”

“Hmm … sickled feet …”

So much emphasis put on perfection for this art. In fact, I’ve probably had all of these thoughts whenever new girls show up in my other class too!

Teacher S. at this new studio was bubbly and loud, a stark contrast from Teacher A. And I love how she gives much encouragement and sings praises when she sees a good movement. Most importantly, I took away helpful corrections (or perhaps, reminders).

Grand battements at the barre (my first time using portable barres! We all faced in the same direction, i.e. facing the mirror at the front of the studio), which meant that our working legs were different depending on which side of the barre you were standing on. Interesting experience.):

“RESIST while coming down! RESIST!”

(standing right in front of me) “THROW! and sllloooooooowww. THROW! ressssssiiiiitttt. THROW! ressssiiiiitttt.”

Overall, the pace of the 1 hour class went pretty fast. And I was kept on my toes for the entire class, picking up some new steps and new combinations, but still managing to follow and keep up with the class. Did the ladies continue scrutinising me? Perhaps. But who cares? My mind was concentrated in the learning of new combinations. Which reminded me that I’m probably a tad too relax in the old class, since the exercises are quite similar each week.

Shall be taking up a 12 lessons package then! More ballet! More happiness! ❤