“Dancing Across Borders”

Fellow balletomanes, you will want to watch this documentary “Dancing Across Borders”, featuring the life transition of Cambodian dancer – Sokvannara (Sy) Sar. Anne Bass – producer of the film, was also the… Continue reading

2015 – Chassé on, still?

My first post in 2015! My first post in the past couple months, in fact. Been consumed by work towards the end of 2014, and classes stopped! That’s the problem with many of… Continue reading

Ballet reading

What’s better than doing a ballet class? Reading. And the best? Reading up on ballet! So I have been reading posts and seeing lots of advertisements on Misty Copeland’s up and coming biography… Continue reading

Back-to-Intro Class

So I was back at an Intro level class, doing a make-up for the actual class (Ballet Elementary) that I missed earlier in the week… My conclusion about Back-to-Intro Class : Intro means… Continue reading

Dance like a busy bee

Beeee-zy bee-zy bee-zy like a bee. Missed classes early this week because of work, and had-to-be-there-dinners-can’t-get-out-of-commitments. Luckily the studio has been kind enough to allow me to do a make-up class today, with… Continue reading

On my toes

Somehow, ownership of my first pair of pointe shoes has propelled me to take ballet to a new level of addiction. So, I went on a fervent search for extra classes. And I… Continue reading

Harder than the shoe

So what’s up with my pointe shoes? After the enthusiastic approval I got from Teacher A.,  I managed to change to a similar pair with a harder shank. Hence begins my war with… Continue reading

Dancing to Work

“Why are you learning Ballet at such an age?” “Is it tough?” “Oh, what do you intend to do after all these lessons?” My usual answer for these not-been-there-and-done-that people, had always been… Continue reading


While commuting to work this morning, I managed to whip out my phone and got a glimpse of Pointe’s post on my newsfeed (despite being jammed by commuters from my left, right, front… Continue reading